Everybody is selling things in a different ways.
So selling is a lifelong activity and it is a must-known Skill for life.
But sadly, no one learns “Sales” systematically.
No one learns “Sales” from foundation.
No one learns “Sales” as a subject.
That’s why RSA is founded to teach you the fundamental of Sales, to show you “Sales” as a professional career.
Join RSA or keep doing mistakes in Sales.

RSA’s Mainefesto

Those people who KEEP LEARNING the most important thing for their lives KEEP GROWING.
Because without learning, you will never grow older.
Growing older means getting more lessons from life.
We believe LEARNING can grow you both internally and externally.
By learning, you get more connections.
By learning, you get more knowledges.
By learning and applying, you get more experiences.
We share our knowledges, processes and frameworks with people like you.
We know you might want to learn new things but you have limitations like money, time or finding the real schools with exciting lessons. Don’t worry about those things. We are here to empower you. All you need to do is focus on your development.

William Kyaw

School Founder

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